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Scalable Robotics was founded on the idea that industrial robots are tools that should be available to everyone, including large, medium and small enterprises. Many industries face labor shortages, and many people are put in harm’s way because it is too difficult or costly to program a robot even though the robot could do the job.


Scalable Robotics is changing that.

Scalable Robotics’ novel human-robot interaction techniques enable people who know their process to intuitively show the robot what needs to be done, and the Scalable system creates a robust and high-quality program automatically. Unlike other systems that focus on processes with only a few motions, like pick and place, Scalable’s system works for complex processes with hundreds of motions, such as welding, painting and deburring.

Scalable is enabling manufactures with any batch size to easily, cost effectively and safely produce in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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